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10 Unconventional (and Some Conventional) Immune Boosting Tips

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Everyone’s mind is focused on staying healthy right now. It's very likely we will all come in contact with the coronavirus, so the question begs to be prepared are you?

While we all want to avoid viruses, we should be prepared to face them along with toxins, germs and bacteria by keeping our immune system at the top of its game. Here are some tips you can incorporate to boost your immunity:

1. Don't be a host for bad company

According to what science does know about the coronavirus, it thrives in an acidic environment. This is also the case for other viruses and diseases from arthritis to cancer. So, the #1 best prevention measure you can take is to alkalanize your body. Viruses cannot exist in an alkaline state, even at a ph of 8.0 (7.0 is neutral). Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid dairy and sugar and follow these tips to learn more about alkalanizing your body. You can easily determine your ph with an at-home ph urine test.

2. Get a flu shot from mother nature

All vitamins are important, but in the case of deterring viruses, vitamin D has powerful immune boosting effects. Studies show that vitamin D is more effective than the flu vaccine when it comes to flu and virus prevention! And at this time of year, people tend to have insufficient vitamin D levels due to a lack of sunlight exposure. Your body NEEDS vitamin D to support your immune system. Research proposes that vitamin D synthesized through the skin is far more potent than when consumed through diet, so now that we have an extra hour of daylight it’s the perfect time to start soaking up some rays. However, if you can't get outside, you should consider supplementing with a high-quality vitamin D supplement.

3. Pull germs out of your body

Your immune system is your best line of defense, and your oral biome is a CRUCIAL part of your immune system. Oil pulling reduces inflammation and detoxifies the body by pulling germs and bacteria out of your oral cavity. Oil pulling involves vigorous swishing of oil (I use coconut oil, but it's your choice) in your mouth similar to how you'd use a mouthwash. After swishing for several minutes, DO NOT SWALLOW, spit your mouthful into the trash can or toilet because the oil will contain all of the toxins you've removed from your body.

4. Maximize your nutrition

Did you know that consuming a supplement containing vitamin C, let's say 5.7 mg, may deliver 5.7 mg of vitamin C to your body. But, if you consume an apple with 5.7 mg it delivers 1500 mg of vitamin C to your body? So, while taking supplements does play an important role in boosting your immune system, it's imperative to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to take your health to its optimal level.

Here's a better explanation from Dr. Colin Campbell:

5. Use immune boosting essential oils

Eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, and tea tree oils can help stimulate your immune system by increasing blood and lymph circulation. They have also been shown to clean the air. Whether you have an essential oil (EO) diffuser, take a warm epsom salt bath with EO, or dilute EO in a carrier oil and rub it on your skin, EO have a powerful impact on your health!

6. Take high-quality supplements

While eating an abundance of fruits and vegetables is always recommended, we still tend to fall short of reaching our daily recommended intake (DRI) of vitamins and minerals. Supplement your diet (great for travel) with high-quality immune support supplements and consider taking high-quality CBD oil to enhance production of anti-inflammatories.

7. Dine in

Now is a great time to be eating at home! When you still want the healthiest meals/ingredients possible, but you don't want to do the shopping or dining out, consider trying a home meal kit like Daily Harvest. You can save $25 off your first order, by using promo code holisticheckler at checkout!

8. Get adequate sleep

Sleeping is when our bodies regenerate and recover. To keep your immune system at the top of its game, make sure you're getting plenty of restful sleep (this is also a good time to diffuse EO!)

9. Go hands-free in public

Avoid touching buttons, handles, doors with your bare hands as much as possible. It may look strange to call the elevator or hit the cross walk button with something other than your hand, but it’s better than catching a nasty bug! I generally use my elbow, but sometimes I’ll use a key in my hand, my foot, or carry around a napkin to use and dispose.

10. Clean your phone

Cell phones are not only capable of transferring messages but also can also transfer disease-producing microbes! Cell phones are rarely cleaned and are often touched during or after exposure to germs without proper hand washing, so be sure to clean your phone often.

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