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Daily Harvest Review: Is It Worth It?

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

A heckler's review of easy-to-make, organic, plant-based, farm-picked meals delivered right-to-the-doorstep. *Discount code included below

Living in a high-rise apartment is not always convenient. Taking out the dogs, fighting for parking spots in over-crowded garages, and carrying groceries up elevators and down long corridors can be huge stressors that single family homeowners don't even have to think about.

So, anything I can do to make my life easier, I do it! Restaurant delivery apps can be my best friend, but I don't want to habitually succumb to easy eats like fast food or restaurant meals that will jeopardize my health standards.

Enter meal delivery services

Mr. Holistic Heckler and I have tried Sun Basket and Green Chef. Both of which were healthy and came right to the doorstep. While we browsed their websites selecting our menu, we romanticized about preparing our meals together while sipping on wine and listening to classical music.

In reality, the meals came, and at the end of each long day we found ourselves parked on the couch begging the other to do the dirty work. We repeatedly procrastinated the meal prep days until we eventually determined that while we loved the idea of meal prep, neither one of us had the gusto to consistently follow through with it.

Enter Daily Harvest

If you're someone who values preparation and cook time, Daily Harvest does not cater to that need as much as the other aforementioned meal delivery services.

Daily Harvest is essentially ready-to-eat in one step, and everything they offer is a variety of organic, whole, plant-based, super foods. Simple, convenient, and doesn't stray from my diet!

After I spent some time combing through the plethora of options on Daily Harvest, I selected a combination of vegan, gluten-free lattes, soups, bowls, bites, and smoothies in my 24-pack box.

My meals arrived later that week in a box of dry ice and packaged in convenient individual cups with the nutrition facts, ingredients, and meal prep instructions on the side of each container.

I really enjoyed experimenting with the variety of options. It inspired me to branch out from my normal routine and try some exotic blends I would not have typically tried.

To my pleasant surprise, some of the concoctions that I expected to be my favorite were indeed delicious, but the concoctions I expected not to enjoy as much (but wanted to force myself to consume for the health benefit) turned out to be my absolute favorites!

The smoothies are easy cleanup, just toss the ingredients into a blender, add your favorite milk (I used my homemade cashew milk), blend, pour it back into the cup, and enjoy! I even used my reusable glass straw to add a little more swank to my drank!

I really loved the tart cherry smoothie for recovery after tough workouts and the banana cacao peppermint smoothie to satisfy my late night craving for mint chocolate chip ice cream. But, my absolute favorites were the mango, spinach, lime smoothie, the chickpea, cordyceps, za'atar bowl, and the cacao nibs that tasted like chocolate chip cookie dough (without any nasty artificial ingredients)!

I felt like eating healthy was super easy and convenient. I just ran to the freezer, pulled out a cup, tossed it in the skillet or in the blender (depending on the directions) and I was enjoying it in minutes! I even caught Mr. Holistic Heckler eye balling my meals with intrigue.

The bites saved me from the sweet tooth monster that often overcomes me and drives me to the store to buy something I regret afterward.

The bowls I selected were savory and required cooking in a skillet. I decided to expand the bowls by adding potatoes and/or riced cauliflower to stretch them into two meals and they turned out delicious!

At roughly $7 per cup, it's not what I would consider to be the solution for a family dinner, however, for on-the-go individuals, busy couples, and those who pack their lunch for work, this is the perfect healthful solution for the common meal problem.

Finding a way to make life easier in a busy, high-stress world, without compromising health is an absolute win for me. If this speaks to you and/or you live in a food desert where fresh and healthful ingredients are hard to come by, Daily Harvest may be your saving grace!

Save $25 off your first order, by using promo code holisticheckler at checkout!


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