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The ABCs on CBD Oil: NuLeaf Naturals Review

CBD oil is all the rage right now, but it’s also largely unregulated in the US, so you need to know what to look for before you buy.

My top priority as a consumer is to research a company I'm considering purchasing from and understand their mission to ensure it’s inline with mine. Once, I’ve checked that box, I can start digging into the ingredients, sourcing methods, and if I have questions, speak to their product specialists to vet their credibility.

So when it came to CBD oil, I wanted to be extra certain I understood the implications and what to look for since CBD oil is highly unregulated. Since CBD oil is unregulated, it can be filled with dangerous synthetic chemicals, full of fillers and dirty pesticides, heavy metals, etc. In other words, as with most things, if the CBD oil is not high quality, then there's more health risks than health benefits.

If the CBD oil is not third-party tested, then you can only trust what the company is telling you- which is usually filled with misinformation, unregulated claims, and self-serving lies. Make sure your CBD oil is third-party tested, that the results are publicly shared and easily understandable

Full spectrum CBD oil means there are trace amounts of THC in the oil. While it shouldn't be enough to make you pop a drug test, you do want to be aware of the fact that it could. Trace amounts of THC aren't enough to make you high or cause hallucinogenic experiences like smoking marijuana does, but it's enough to give you the medicinal therapeutic calming effects.

My trusted choice

I personally only use NuLeaf Naturals for me and my pugs. Keep in mind, with everything, CBD oil should be taken therapeutically. I don't condone taking it extraneously with your daily vitamins. I recommend taking it on an as needed basis. It’s offered in a variety of different strengths and I use it internally and topically, when needed.

NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil

CBD oil helps me maintain mental focus and reduces my stress levels almost immediately. I also notice it calms my pugs when I give it to them before a road trip or an especially stressful situation. It also helps me get better quality sleep (especially when coupled with an epsom salt bath), and while I don't necessarily have anxiety or social anxiety, I do like to take it before social gatherings to take the edge off.For my pugs, I use Nuleaf and/or Pet Releaf. I believe Nuleaf to be the highest quality CBD oil on the market. They have a third-party test the purity of their product and they grow their hemp on a Certified USDA Organic hemp farm in the United States, which is the only pet company the USDA works with.

Make an educated decision for yourself

No matter what brand you’re looking into, just be sure to research the following:

  1. What’s the extraction method?

  2. What/where is the CBD oil sourced from?

  3. Is there third-party testing to ensure potency and test for contaminants?

  4. What are the ingredients? Are there fillers? Synthetics?

And remember, if the CBD oil is being sold out of a gas station, off the street, or some otherwise random location, be wary of the quality. It's better to do your homework on the company than to make an impulse buy that could backfire on your health.

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