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The Dangers of EMFs and How to Protect Yourself

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Did you know your iPhone manual states that your phone should never be kept within an inch of your body?

What Big Tech doesn't want you to know could be hurting you. In fact, independent researchers say EMFs are the new smoking. Not only are EMFs carcinogenic, the harmful effects of EMFs and third party research revealing its dangers are being buried by the industry and corrupt government organizations.

Smoke and mirrors

For decades, the tobacco industry funded scientific studies to produce fraudulent claims that smoking was safe. These studies were designed to confuse and fool doctors, leading scientists, politicians, and consumers into believing smoking was indeed safe...and boy was this plan effective. It took 50 YEARS for the government to catch on and develop and implement safety regulations.

Today, we are dealing with the same corruption in the technology industry.

Big Tech is pumping out technologies faster than we can understand their implications. 5G, bandwidth extenders, routers, blue tooth, microwaves, wearable tech, smart homes, smart cars, smart meters, etc. These technologies along with the power lines that surround us are creating an ENORMOUS amount of electrical pollution, or electrosmog, penetrating our bodies ALL the time. But don't worry, the industry says these artificial non-ionizing EMFs are perfectly safe...

Diagram of Non-ionizing to Ionizing Radiation Spectrum
Non-ionizing to Ionizing Radiation Classification Spectrum

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is designed to regulate Big Tech and ensure the safety of consumers, yet they haven't updated their safety standards since 1996, and they only account for exposure to one single device!

FCC's website states, "The FCC guidelines for human exposure to RF electromagnetic fields were derived from the recommendations of expert organizations, the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)."

Did you know that these "expert" organizations are not independent, objective third parties, they are directly affiliated and known industry members and consultants?

It's difficult to look at this list of board members at the NCRP and assume there's no bias or conflict of interest. When it comes to public health and safety, wouldn't you expect unaffiliated parties to determine safety standards?

  • Jerry Bushberg, industry consultant

  • Chung Kwang Chou, Chief scientist at Motorola, author of industry-funded research

  • Kenneth Foster, industry consultant, expert witness against people claiming illness from EMFs, and author of industry-funded research for the Wi-Fi Alliance.

  • Joe Elder, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Motorola

  • David Savitz, author of industry-funded research by EPRI and expert witness against people claiming illness from EMFs.

  • Richard Tell, industry consultant

  • Marvin Ziskin, author of industry-funded research

Okay, this has raised some red flags, but you're still not convinced there's danger in EMFs that the industry is hiding. Let's look further...

A new diagnosis emerges

Harmful exposure to electrosmog is increasing to the point that unaffiliated populations are claiming to suffer from similar symptoms, throughout the world.

A new medical term, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), has been coined to describe these symptoms, known as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS). EHS is a disabling condition, ranging from mild to severe, caused by the exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Symptoms of EHS can include:

  • Rapid aging syndrome

  • Brain tumors

  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

  • Memory loss

  • Headaches or pressure in the head

  • Migraines

  • Seizures

  • Redness in the face

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Itchy eyes

  • Cardiac arrhythmia

  • Short term memory problems

  • Localized pain while using/exposed to EMF (ie wrist pain while wearing smart watch)

The human body absorbs energy from EMFs. Radiation, like all things, is accumulative. And like all toxins, the less exposure you have, the better.

Fetuses, babies, and children are especially at high risk when exposed to EMFs, as their brains are still developing and they absorb twice the amount of radiation as adults.

So, why aren't these concerns being recognized considering what we do know?

  • In Sweden, EHS is an officially and fully recognized functional impairment. In fact, due to EMF concerns, Sweden has outlawed the rollout of 5G.

  • In Switzerland, studies reveal 230,000-290,000 Swedish men and women report a variety of concerning symptoms when in contact with EMF sources.

  • In 1990, the WHO classified EMFs as a Class 2B carcinogen (possible cancer causing), on the same plane as DDT and lead, however, independent scientists insist its reclassification to a Class 1 carcinogen (definite cancer causing), taking a seat next to asbestos and tobacco.

  • Military studies reviewing the effects of EMF exposure reveal serious health implications. The Bioinitiative Report links biological damage to EMF exposure, including increased cancer risk, damage to the nervous system, adverse reproductive effects, and DNA damage. 

  • Some countries and US states have banned the use of smart meters due to the health implications that they are aware of, or for the simple fact that there is no evidence to support them being safe, as the industry claims.

Mixed signals

Our bodies are electrical and built to work in harmony with nature's electrical currents and natural EMFs, i.e. that of the sun and earth which sync our body's biological rhythms. But what happens when we start pumping artificial EMFs into the fragile cycle of the ecosystem?

Interference happens with all electrical signals. Just as your camera or blue tooth can sync up to the wrong device.

The brain, heart, and mitochondria are particularly susceptible to EMF interference. And because our own biology can get disrupted, EMF exposure can worsen existing health conditions and inflammatory problems or create new ones.

Countering EMFs

My point isn't to scare you into moving off the grid, in fact, by just changing a few habits you can limit your EMF exposure significantly.

In general, a good rule of thumb is to keep as much distance between you and your electronics as possible. Additionally, here are several actions you can take to minimize your exposure.

Household preventions

  • Remove the Smart Meter on your home. Call your utility company and opt out of a smart meter/insist on a digital or analog meter (I am currently protesting Duke Energy to allow free opt outs to all who are concerned).

  • Use your phone wisely. Don't store it on or within in inch of your body. Use speaker phone instead of putting the phone to your ear. Turn it off entirely or put it in airplane mode while you sleep.

  • Turn WiFi/router off. Turn off electronics, WiFi, and your router while you sleep or nix the WiFi altogether and opt for wiring the house with ethernet.

  • Use wired technology. Wired technology is safer than wireless in terms of EMF exposure, so use wired headsets instead of wireless.

  • Unplug electronics. Don't leave electronics plugged in in rooms you don't regularly use (i.e. guest room).

  • Turn the baby monitor off at night. Again, developing brains are more susceptible to the adverse effects of EMFs, so protect your precious cargo.

  • Eliminate the microwave. Ideally, don't keep a microwave in your home. If you have a built in microwave (as I do), unplug it and never use it. Not only is microwave radiation harmful to your health, but microwaved food loses most of its nutrients. It's better to heat your food on the stove or in the oven.

  • Use EMF protectors and shields. Like those that have been independently tested and reviewed from companies like Aires Tech and Belly Armor.

Incorporate natural EMF absorbers into your environment

  • Plants. Bring strategic plants into and around your home. Snake plants, spider plants not only clean your air, they absorb EMFs! Other plants that absorb EMFs include Areca Palms, Aloe Vera, succulents, and rubber plants.

  • Minerals. Himalayan salt rock lamps are not only beautiful, they have been shown to neutralize harmful EMFs. Copper, or iron-rich stones (and jewelry) are also effective in shielding from low-energy, non-ionizing radiation.

  • Crystals. Some of the most powerful crystals shown to absorb and shield from EMFs include Shungite (because it's rich in carbon, it also purifies the air), Azurite, Amazonite, Black Tourmaline, and Lepidolite.

Consume EMF protection

  • CBD Oil. Third-party tested, organic, high-quality CBD oil is a powerful antioxidant that balances mitochondrial and cell membrane calcium levels destroyed by EMFs all while reducing oxidative stress.

  • Probiotics. High-quality probiotics protect your intestinal lining and restores healthy gut bacteria which promotes a strong immune system and improves the body's defenses.

  • Vitamins and Amino Acids. Oxidative stress can be increased by radiation, so it's important to consume foods high in antioxidants such as vitamin A, C, and E. Tryptophan is a great amino acid to help restore hormones destroyed by EMFs.

  • Minerals. Long term exposure to EMFs has been shown to affect bone health, so increasing your calcium is a smart safeguard. Increasing your magnesium, a nutrient important for EMF radiation protection because it's involved in over 300 chemical processes in the body, can be consumed via diet or via epsom salt baths. I also utilize Daily Harvest for an easy way to ensure I'm getting well-balanced, whole food nutrition.

Awareness brings change, so the more we know, the more we can protect ourselves and demand change from the industry. After all, doesn't everyone deserve the right to feel healthy?

Read my review of Daily Harvest and if you give it a try, save $25 off your first order by using promo code holisticheckler at checkout!


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