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Your Body is Your Car, So Why Not Be a Ferrari?

Be The Car You Want to Be

I once had a car that wouldn’t reverse and it overheated every few miles. I visualized my entire trip prior to departing to ensure I wouldn’t get caught in a sticky situation. Most people don’t have to consider whether there’s only parallel parking and no pull-through spots, or strategically drive in the right lane hugging the shoulder for an inevitable pull-off to refill the coolant.

The process of driving became a painful reality and it wasn’t long before I traded that car in, but you can’t do that with your body. You’re given one car to drive your entire life, so it’s important to keep it in the best condition possible for a long comfortable road trip.

Check your engine

Fitness is holistic. Your body, like a car, is interconnected and you can’t expect it to run ideally if you’re not maintaining all its elements. Your digestive system, or your engine, requires high octane fuel to run smoothly, which consists of nutrient dense, non-synthetic foods, and you need to ensure you’re listening to and addressing any warning signs on your dashboard (your immune system, aches, and pains are indicators that you need to make some adjustments), and you need to get that motor revving!

Moving your body encourages your lymphatic system to expel toxins and recharges your ‘battery’

Your mind does matter

Your car’s computer system is the brain of your car. And isn’t it frustrating when the software is slow or outdated? You need to sync your computer software to your engine to have things running ideally.

Yoga and pilates are amazing workouts because they intertwine the concept of a mind-body workout. It’s like taking your car in for a scheduled service, topping off all the fluids, and having the computer software updated so you can get to your next destination without a hitch and without any GPS re-routing. Yoga and pilates are heavily focused on breathing techniques which are imperative for your brain’s health and your body’s functions. Both regimens focus on strengthening your core and skeletal system, like your car frame, which keeps everything together and improves your stability and posture.

You don’t need a gym membership to practice yoga or pilates, you can practice at home watching free videos online to help guide you or you can freestyle and do whatever feels good to you.

Just drive

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what exercise you choose to do- just moving your body every day is important and being in-tune with what you’re doing. Flowing your body through conscious movements and patterns energize your mind and body, repair and strengthen your immune system, your mind, your muscles, and helps you take control of the wheel.

Moving your body encourages your lymphatic system to expel toxins and recharges your ‘battery’ through conscious communication between your mind and body, promoting growth of your inner self.

Whether you do yoga, pilates, walk, hike, run, cycle, dance, stretch or garden in the fresh air, just go outside with intention to move and see where it takes you.

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