Who the Heckler Promotes and Why

The market is flooded with health products that claim to be health-promoting, but many of them do not live up to the high-quality standards of Holistic Heckler. 
Holistic Heckler only promotes products that I love, personally use, and publicly vouch for. These are products that have been rigorously tested (many times by third-parties), certified, and have high-standard missions and visions that are in line with my own. Additionally, these are products that deliver or over-deliver on their promise and are products that I intend to stock at Holistic Heckler (one day), once the store is up and running.
I do not outsource my health or trust anyone else to determine what's best for me, this includes advertisements, word of mouth, or doctor recommendations. I believe that we are our own subject matter experts, nobody knows your individual body like you do, but we all need some guidance along the way.
My mission is to hunt for these high-quality products, perform extensive research on the product and how it's sourced, speak to product experts, and personally experiment and love the product. 
In short, I do my homework so you don't have to!

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